Overview Table

Tables (or list) are used in many cases. Especially in all forms of ERP. I found that Go is good at rending small tables, but when bigger lists behaves not well. So I searched for several solutions to handle looong list tables. There are tons of "libraries" out there and I have tested only a few of them.

There are 2 main types of libraries. Libraries based on JQuery and libraries that uses Vanilla Javascript only. I did not get any tested JQuery library to work reliably, so I decided to exclude all libraries based on JQuery in my further tests.

No one of them is for suited for "fat fingers" (mobile friendly) out of the box.


Tabular is focused on tables. Nothing else. Simple to understand. Hard to style. Feels and looks from last century.


So far the best option. Made almost in the way I am thinking, with tons of possibilies

w2ui and DataTables (JQuery)

I gave up on JQuery libraries as there was too many JQuery errors. So I have no example of this and cannot say it is good or bad. Maybe it is about I have no JQuery knowledge. Or simply an aversion against JQuery :-)